The Ike Lemuwa CEO Networks, is organized and sponsored by Mr. Ike Lemuwa, Author Angel Investor, Crowdfunding Coach and Special Advisors to Thought Leaders, Celebrities, CEO, Heads of Special Agencies.

The Network is currently present in over 198 to 200 nations giving each nation and opportunity to organize and receive daily, weekly and monthly directly assistance from Mr. Lemuwa and 198TILG Mastermind Platinum Group, USA and other affiliates.

Key Primary Purpose

#1 Brand Each Member to become authority in their immediate community

#2 Help each Member raisse funds in order to become self sufficient and help other members and their immediate community

#3: Help each member Build 12 Extraordinary Highly Gifted Special Advisors and work with each advisor and dream teams before they actually need their specialized skills and valued services

#4: Provide local, regional, national and global Mass Media Campaigns before each member need media attentions. We make sure each member create their own news and remain in the news all year round.

#5: Provide each member necessary legal and counter attack support team in order to prevent unnecessary Legal, Social Economic and Political challenges within their respective nations